Chapter One: Protecting my Devotion


Estimated Time to Complete Event: 36 minutes
Suggested Level: None

Bosses: None
Cards: Wyerd, Ironite, Goblin, Fang, Shiva, Ramuh
Items: 2680 gil, 3927 gil, Ether, Phoenix Pinion, Lapis Lazuli, 30,000 gil, Opal, Topaz, Amethyst
Key Items: Leo Coin, Athlete Queen, Burman Coffee, Mini-Brahne, Mayor's Key
Monsters: None
Moogles: Artemicion, Stiltzkin, Kupo, Mosh
Notes: None
Side Quests: Racing Hippaul, Stellazio
Shops: Doug's Item Shop, Alexandria Weapon Shop, Alchemist's Synth Shop

At the start of the disk, you'll see some cutscenes. Once you regain control of Vivi, head all the way left and view the ATE. Now go talk to the hippo family towards the bottom of the screen and race Hippaul. It's not much of a challenge, but for every ten levels Hippaul gains, his mother will give you a card. This gets very difficult when he gets to level 50, but this is the only chance this mini-game will be available to you, so take advantage of it. Now go back to the screen you came from and left to where Marcus and the others headed. View the ATE (o_O;; Freaky people...) and continue onto the next screen. Now view the other ATEs (isn't Artemicion adorable?). Now look around in the shops and buy what you need. There's a Synthisis connected to a Weapons Shop, which works out pretty well.

When you're finished breaking yourself, go into the alley on the left. If you're ready, go to Blank and see Ruby's play with him, but I recommend you keep going and go back into the steeple and talk to the moogles. There you'll find Stilzkin, Artemicion, and Kupo. Give Kupo his mail, buy items from Stilzkin and talk to Artemicion. Go back to Mognet and he'll have a letter from Mogrika that Artemicion delivered. You can also climb the ladder behind the moogles and pull the rope for Hippaul's Ironite Card, Goblin Card, Fang Card, Shiva Card and Ramuh Card. Now go back out to the alley, talk to Blank and enter the bar.

You'll see a series of cutscenes, then you'll have control of Eiko. Head back inside the room you left to save your game with Mosh. Now head back out and north (or right) and watch more cutscenes.

"When the night sky wears the mood as its pendant, I shall await you at the dock."

When you regain control of Zidane, leave the bar and watch the ATE. Don't forget to equip him with anything new you have for him. Go back to the bell tower and save. Stilzkin and Artemicion will be gone by now, but if you go to Mognet you can read a letter from Stilzkin. Stick around and play some cards with the people in the area if you'd like, but go into Ruby's mini-theatre before leaving. You'll find 2680 gil on the floor near Ruby. Now go back to the shopping square and from there, head north. You'll run into Amarant and Freya.

After the cutscene, check by the steps on both sides before getting on the boat. You'll find a Phoenix Pinion and 3927 gil. Now board the boat and watch another series of cutscenes. Once you're off the boat, check around the dock for an Ether and another Phoenix Pinion. Check just behind the fountain in front of you for a Lapis Lazuli. Equip your new party members with whatever they need, then head left into the left tower. There's only one door you can enter, but check around the gate in front of you for a Phoenix Pinion, then go into the door to the left. Upon entering, go straight north and get the Leo coin, because you'll be in Treno before you know it. Now go back to the dock and head straight forward into the castle. Get ready to see even more cutscenes. (That's what it is, and there's a lot of 'em.)

Welcome back to Treno. Watch the ATE of Eiko, then down the steps and watch the next ATE. Continue watching the ATEs and leave Treno. If you want an extra cutscene, send Vivi home before you go.

Go back to Dali (it's not THAT far away) and go into the Village leader's home and take the Burman Coffee. In case you've forgotten how to get to Dali, just leave Treno and go left until you reach South Gate. Go inside and when you reach the fork, go right. Talk to the guard and he'll let you pass.

When you're back in Dali, go to the Mayor's office. Select the option that allows you to look around, then check the desk for a Mini-Brahne. Check it again, then the shelf twice, then the heater for the Mayor's Key. Now leave and go to the Chocobo's Shack. Open the door in the back using the Mayor's Key, and go behind the chocobo and open the chest for 30000 gil (that's not an error, it actually is 30000 gil). Now check it again for the Burman coffee. Now that you're 30,000 gil richer, you can head back to Treno.

If you've sent Vivi home, you can go back to Quan's Dwelling for full restoration of your health from the spring, then go to the back of the cave to find Vivi. He'll tell you his story, then rejoin your party. Now you can take him outside and gain levels with him or you can just head back to Treno.

Once you're back in Treno (or if you never left), you should play a lot of card games so that you can get better cards (if you're into that sort of thing). Also stop by the Auction House and Synthesis Shops. Buy whatever you need, and you can even fight a new monster in the weapon shop. If you win, you'll get another 15,000 gil. Happy spending. ^_^

Visit Mogrich (the moogle outside of the weapon shop) whenever you're ready, save your game and enter the tournament. I can't really guide you through this, since card games are unpredictable.

When you get the chance, watch the ATE entitled City People. You'll get a Chimera Armlet in the end(that guy is always giving you something new o_O). Buy some items from the Auction House, such as the Rat's Tail, Une's Mirror, Griffin's Heart and Dark Matter. You can resell all of these but the Dark Matter for possibly more than you paid for them. Just outside the Synth Shop is an adventurer who will buy the Griffin's Heart from you at 10,000 gil (the second offer), then the Rat's Tail for 25,000 gil or so (second offer). So make sure you don't pay more than this for these items. You can sell Une's Mirror to the fat Nobleman on the same screen as the Adventurer for 15,000 gil (second offer).

When you're ready, go enter the Tournament and watch the ATEs as you advance.

"I'll tell you one thing... The truly might ones don't flaunt their power. How can I describe it to you? The sly eagle hides its claws."

Whether you've won or not, Zidane will have a chat with the champion and the Regent, then Eiko will run in with bad news.

Bahamut in Alexandria

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 26 minutes
Suggested Level: None

Bosses: Tantarian
Cards: None
Items: Angel Earrings
Key Items: None
Monsters: Mistodon
Moogles: Mosh
Notes: None
Side Quests: None

"Peace is but a shadow of death,
Desperate to forget its painful past...
Though we hope for promising years
After shedding a thousand tears,
Yesterday's sorrow constantly nears.
And while the moon still shines blue,
By dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue."

Man, is he floetic or what? After the FMV, Beatrix will run to Dagger and you'll have to choose which of the Knights will do what. Have Weimar and Haagen protect the townspeople, Breirecht and Laudo contact Lindblum, Blutzen and Kohel gather information, and Mullenkedheim and Dojebon fire the cannongs. You'll get Angel Earrings if you give the orders the right way.

You'll soon face battles with Beatrix and Steiner. You'll gain levels quickly and you shouldn't have to do more than attack once. If you fight more than one Mistodon, use Climhazzard. Steiner will trance in the last battle, making things easier.

You'll gain control of Dagger and from here, go upstairs into her room and to the left. You'll know if you go the wrong way, because you'll be stopped by a force. When you reach the top, you'll see a series of cutscenes and FMVs.

When you regain control of Zidane, head left and to the bottom of the screen around where the scholar is standing. At the edge of the bookcase, a question mark will appear above your head. Press 'x' and fight the Tantarian.

Boss Fight: Tantarian

Items to Steal: Demon's Mail, SIlver Fork, Elixir, Ether

You have to attack until it's true form shows itself from within the book, but heal and steal; have Freya cast Reis' Wind and Vivi focus. You'll get 30 AP and Running Shoes for defeating him, which teaches you auto-haste.

From here, go back to where you found Mosh, save, and continue the way Dagger went. You'll see some cutscenes and wind up back in Lindblum.


Estimated Time to Complete Event: 24 minutes
Suggested Level: None

Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: Egoist's Armlet, Elixir x2, Remedy, Lapis Lazuli, 4826 gil, 1273 gil, 970 gil
Key Items: Unusual Potion, Strange Potion, Beautiful Potion, Sagittarius Coin, Mini-Prima Vista
Monsters: None
Moogles: Mogki, Moodon
Notes: If you're into cards and you have the time, play cards with people around Lindblum. They have a lot of nice rare cards for you to win. Also, don't worry about not being able to come back. You'll get transportation soon enough.
Side Quests: Coffee Quest (end), Stellazio Quest
Shops: Dragoos' Weapon & Medicine Shop, Wayne's Synthesis Shop

You'll be in control of Zidane again. Go right and check the chest for a Egoist's Armlet. Now head up the steps and check the box to the left for an Elixir, then save with Mogki and check Mognet. Agree to deliver Mogki's letter, then go back downstairs. You'll run into Blank, ask where Dagger is.

View the ATE then head up to the telescope. If you've forgotten where it is, you have to take the elevator in the main hall and go to the upper level. The elevator is to the left once you leave the guest room. Once you're off the elevator, head up the stairs to the right and keep going until you reach Dagger. Talk to her, then after the cutscene, watch the ATE.

Go back down the steps and Blank will talk to you. The royal chamber is right in front of you, so just head forward, up the steps and talk to either of the guards then walk in.

You'll see some cutscenes, two forced ATEs, then you'll have control of Zidane again. Head back to the guest room, then more cutscenes will ensue. You'll be told to find three potions. They are Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, and Strange Potion.

You'll now be able to venture downtown since that's where all the potions will be found. But before you go looking for them, make sure to buy things you need, visit the synth shop, and visit old friends. Go to the Business District first. Go to the Inn and give Moodon his letter then head north into the next screen.

Check the patch of grass to your left for the Sagittarius Coin then go into Card Freak Gon's house for an Elixir and a Remedy. By the pickle cart, there are two children who have very nice rare cards. You should save before dueling either of them. You can get Gimmecat, Ragtimer, Troll, Cactuar, and Antlion from the girl, and Fenrir, Iron Man, Gargoyle, and Hecteyes (though he might only play with them rarely) from the boy. Saving after getting new cards would be wise, even if it's only one new card.

When you're done getting new cards, head northeast to the market place. If you've got the funds, buy anything you need. Make sure you head to the Synth Shop as well. When you're all shopped out (aka broke) find Alice outside the weapon shop and she will give you the Beautiful Potion.

Now head to the Theatre District. You'll see a cutscene and a forced ATE when you walk outside the monocar area. After the next cutscene, go into Michael's house at the bottom right of the screen and talk to him, then check the chest for a Lapis Lazuli. Now check the table on the left at the bottom of the steps for the Strange Potion. When you're done here, head to Tantalus' hideout. Cinna will give you the Unusual Potion. Head into Tantalus' hideout and if you've completed Morrid's coffee quest, you will find the Mini-Prima Vista on the floor near the bed. You can also check the boxes for 4826 gil, 1273 gil, and 970 gil.

Since you're all done here, you can now head back to the castle. You might want to go into the guest room and save with Mogki, then head to the upper level of the castle and into the royal chambers. After the scenes, head to the base level. Ride to Serpent's Gate and check the chest at the back of the platform for a Chimera Armlet board the Blue Narciss.

Black Mage Village

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 10 minutes
Suggested Level: See below

Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: Black Belt, Elixir
Key Items: None
Monsters: Griffin, Cactuar, Zaghnol, Goblin Mage, Zemzelett, Myconid, Ladybug (Land Spirit)
Moogles: Mogryo
Notes: -Be sure to visit the Qu's Marshes of the world since you've got the time now.
-Now you can raise your chocobo lots of levels so that it's a sea chocobo (giving it the ability to cross land, reef, mountains and sea).
-Cactuars are more native to the Forgotten Continent, but you might run into them here.
-Relax, go nuts.
Side Quests: Optional (none in Black Mage Village)
Shops: None

Steiner, Freya and Quina should be in your party since they probably need to gain more levels than anyone else. They're probably 10 or more levels behind everyone else, so make sure they all know Ability Up and Level Up, and try getting them to at least 39 or 40.

When Vivi runs off after you enter the town, head right and into the item shop. Climb the ladder and kick the chest at the top for a Black Belt. If you didn't get the Virgo Stellazio coin from the first visit to this visit, you can still get it from the Inn. It's sitting by the ladder in the guest room.

Follow Vivi all the way to the left to the Black Mage Graveyard, then when he runs off again, head all the way to the right, then head into the Chocobo shack.

After the cutscenes, check the crate by the shop on your left for an Elixir then return to your ship.

Introduced to the Forgotten Continent

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 14 minutes
Suggested Level: 45-50 for chosen characters

Blu Magic: Goblin Punch, Mighty Guard, Matra Magic, Night, White Wind, Vanish, Bad Breath (Qu's Marsh)
Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: None
Key Items: None
Monsters: Antlion, Goblin Mage, Griffin, Troll, Ogre, Grimlock
Moogles: None
Notes: There's a shore not to far from the desert where you can leave the Blue Narciss and take Choco from there. Or if Choco is a Moutain Chocobo (or higher), you can summon him from the chocobo tracks just outside of the forest surrounding Black Mage Village and cross the mountains, then get off just in the middle of the four sandpools. You can see the tracks from Qu's Marsh.
Side Quests: None
Shops: None

No matter which method you choose to get to the desert, you should find yourself standing in the middle of four sandpools. Look carefully at them and watch them for a moment (it would help if you shut off your map so you can see a bit better). Whichever pool does not have little puffs of sand coming out of it is the one you can enter.

You'll wake up in a circular room, and see some cutscenes. When prompted, no matter which option you choose, you'll wind up doing Kuja's favor for him. When you gain control of Zidane, run straight forward across the bridge. You'll now be in Kuja's room. He'll tell you what he wants and allow you to choose your party members. You should leave behind Dagger, Vivi, and Steiner. Whether you take either Eiko or Quina is up to you, but where you're going there is another Qu's Marsh, and Quina more than likely needs to gain levels since he/she/it is a little behind.

When you get the first chance, equip your party. You can get into battles over here, so be careful. When you're ready, head up the steps and keep going until you reach the Black Mage. There's only one road you can take, so you really can't get lost. Talk to the mage then head up into the Airship.


Estimated Time to Complete Event: 26 minutes
Suggested Level: 45-50 for all characters

Blu Magic: Limit Glove, Matra Magic, 1,000 Needles
Bosses: Ark
Cards: None
Items: Remedy, Rising Sun, Elixir, Diamond Sword, Shield Armor, Power Vest, Feather Boots, Gaia Gear
Key Items: Gulug Stone
Monsters: Armstong, Jabberwock, Catoblepas, Epitaph, Garuda
Moogles: Mimoza
Notes: If you've been raising your chocobo up prior to this part of the game, you should have just about all of the chocographs you can get at this point. There are two Chocograph treasures right here on the Forgotten Continent that you can access if Choco is a mountain chocobo by now. You can call him from the tracks not too far from Qu's Marsh. Simply head towards the forest you see from Qu's Marsh, and the tracks are on the west side of the longer forest. Happy findings.
Side Quests: Qu's Marsh
Shops: Thorn's Medicine Shop, Mimoza's Mogshop

Try to reboard the airship when you land. They will tell you that you have to head south, so now you know where you're going. Thorn will offer to sell you any items you need. Get as many Vaccine as you can, because you'll need them. When you're finished, equip the Clear Headed and Bright Eyes abilities on all party members.

If you have Quina in the party, turn around from where you're currently standing and you'll see a Marsh behind you. You can head in and catch some frogs before continuing.

From where the ship lands, you'll see a path straight ahead of you. Take it, and when you reach the fork in the road, go right. A little ways up, you'll see another fork in the road. In front of you and to the right, you'll see green patches. This time, take a left and the sky will darken a bit as if the sun is setting. Now there's another fork in front of you-you can either go right or straight. If you go straight, there are chocobo tracks up ahead. If you don't feel like walking anymore, you can take thi path and come back and go right with your chocobo. But if you didn't engage in the Chocobo sidequest, you don't have the greens to summon it or you just feel like walking, go right.

When you can see the ocean again, go left around the mountains and continue aroudn the bend until you reach Oelivert. It would be wiser to take a chocobo, since you might not feel like walking back once you've gotten what you came for.

Upon entering, you'll meet Mimoza. She'll want you to deliver a letter to Mooel. She also runs a mogshop, so buy what you need. You don't have to buy a Diamond Sword unless you just want to spend your money, since you can find one inside of Oelivert. Make sure you buy softs and weapons for everyone, including those not in your party. When you're done, save and head straight inside.

Once you're inside the doors, check on the right side of the stairs for a Remedy, then go up the stairs and check the chest for a Rising Sun. Head left from here.

In this room, check the chest for an Elixir, then touch the globe and it'll turn red. Now leave the room, head back down the stairs and go into the next room on the left. Check the boxes for the Diamond Sword mentioned earlier and Shield Armor. You'll see a cutsene, then leave down the steps at the bottom left.

Check the chest in this room for a Power Vest, then check the base of all the lights. There's also Feather Boots in the chest at the top of the steps. After you've check all the lights, a hologram will appear. Now check each light again for the full story. Now go back up the stairs and into the room on the left.

Cross the long bridge and activate the silver orb for a cutscene. Now keep going. You've successfully made four lefts. Now enter the door in front of you and watch the cutscene. Now exit and head back into the main room to the right. You can leave now and buy more items if necessary. When you're done, re-enter the main room and head to the right. Save with Mooel and give him his mail. Now head back towards the entrance and go down, then check the center of the platform. Now go get the Gaia Gear from the chest and head into the room on the right. Step on the platform, ride it down and in the next room head forward.

Boss Fight: Ark

Items to Steal: Holy Lance, Power Vest, Elixir

You cannot eat Ark, so please don't try. It's been a while, hasn't it? Steal if you'd like to; this battle would go by faster (or at least the stealing) if Zidane was equipped with Auto-Haste. If you've got the money and enough tents, cast tents on Ark until it says its been bitten by the silence/darkness/poison snake. This will help you out a litte. If Amarant is in your party and you have Wing Edges, have him throw them. With that said, t his battle should be over in no time.

Take the Gulug Stone from it's place once the battle is over.

On To Disk Three, Chapter Two