Chapter Three: Unfathomed Reminiscence

Conde Petie

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 6 minutes
Suggested Level: 33 for all characters

Bosses: None
Blu Magic: Goblin Punch, Matra Magic, 1,000 Needles, White Wind
Cards: None
Items: Phoenix Pinion
Key Items: None
Monsters: Cactuar, Griffin, Zaghnol, Goblin Mage
Moogles: Mogmatt
Notes: Try and get Matra Magic, because it's a very good spell. White Wind is also good.
Side Quests: None
Shops: Grocery Store Medicines, Goldpiler's Weapon Shop

Welcome to the Outer Continent, and back to the world map. Now that you're here, save. There's a forest in front of you where you might be able to find Ragtime Mouse a few times. From the exit of Fossil Roo, head past the forest to the right and all the way down to the beach, then to the right again. You'll see an area with green patches, which is great for gaining levels and the like. There's also another Qu's Marsh here, so go in and catch the frogs so that Quina's Frog Drop spell will be stronger. From Qu's Marsh, you'll see two or three forests directly in front of you. Head towards them and up the plateau, then keep going until you reach your new destination of Conde Petie.

The villagers here are supposedly dwarves with Scottish accents. Please don't ask, because I don't know. (Note- Old school gamers will remember their phrase 'Rally-Ho' from the dwarves underground in Final Fantasy IV.) When you regain control of Zidane, head right and into the item shop. Since the ATEs are optional, you don't have to watch them. In any case, save your game with Mogmatt and he'll ask you to deliver a letter to Suzuna. Buy what you need then check the lower right corner near the stairs for a Phoenix Pinion. Now go up the steps and talk to Vivi, then follow him back down.

When you regain control of Zidane, go back to the Item Shop and head north. This leads to a Weapons Shop. When you're finished here, leave Conde Petie. There's an Inn to the left after you first enter, so if you'd like to gain some levels, you can do so now.

Your next destination is Black Mage Village. Once you're done gaining levels, head back to Qu's Marsh (directly south then east of Conde Petie). If you've just left Conde Petie and you're in front of Qu's Marsh, Black Mage Village will be to your right. Follow the green grass around the corner and you'll be at the foot of a very long forest that you might have seen from the plateau Conde Petie is on. Head into it and into the circular-looking forest at the end.

Black Mage Village

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 16 minutes
Suggested Level: 35 for all characters

Bosses: None
Blu Magic: White Wind, Mighty Guard
Cards: None
Items: 2000 gil, 843 gil, Gysahl Greens, Ether, Elixir
Key Items: Virgo Coin
Monsters: Myconoid, Zemzelett
Moogles: Mogryo
Notes: The monsters and Blu Magic listed can only be found on the journey to Black Mage Village. There's also a new land spirit that can be found outside Black Mage Village in the forest surrounding it. It's the Ladybug.
Side Quests: Stellazio Quest, Land Spirits
Shops: No. 163's Medicine Shop, No. 239's Weapon & Armor Shop, Black Cat Synth Shop

You'll have to complete a maze to get to Black Mage Village. Every time you go in the right direction, an owl will fly off. Read the sign at the entrance each time to decide which way to go (always go where there are no owls). After you get so far, a Black Mage will peak out and from then on, just follow the Black Mage.

You'll have ATEs to watch once you enter. Head left to find a weapons shop and buy what you need. Just next to the Weapons Shop door, you'll find an Elixir. Make sure you have at least two Mythril Daggers. Now head north east to save your game with Mogryo, and accept the request to deliver a letter to Mocchi. Head inside and talk to Quina then look to your right for Gysahl Greens. Go back now and to the center circle and go right, then check the ATE. Now head into the room on the left-this is the item shop. You may now buy Hi-Potions here, so stock up on them since you can probably put them to more use as opposed to regular Potions. Check near the exit on the left for an Ether. Buy anything else you need then leave the shop to the left.

Head into the door on your left and you'll see Dagger. After the cutscene, check to the north for 2,000 gil. Now talk to the Black Mage nearest the exit and he'll tell you that it's the Black Cat Synthesis Shop. Buy what you then go up the ladder to your left. Go up and right for 843 gil. Come back down and leave the Synth shop. Head to the left and Vivi will run out. Go left and talk to the two Black Mages then leave and go in the direction Vivi left to.

Stay on the center circle and go all the way right and into the inn, then talk to Vivi. After the cutscenes, leave and go back to Conde Petie.

Mountain Path

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 33 minutes
Suggested Level: 36 for all characters

Bosses: Hell Gigas
Cards: None
Items: 2700 gil, Remedy, Tent, Ether
Key Items: Blue Stone, Red Stone, Yellow Stone, Green Stone
Monsters: Gnoll, Ochu, Troll
Moogles: Mogmatt, Suzuna, Stiltzkin
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: Grocery Store Medicine Shop, Goldpiler's Weapon Shop

When you're back in Conde Petie, go to the Weapons Shop and talk to the two people guarding the exit. Now go back to the entrance of Conde Petie and look in the corner for 2700 gil. Now take the left in front of the woman and talk to the man in the hallway.It doesn't matter which option you pick, because either way Vivi and Quina will have to get married.

After the cutscene, don't go any further until you've unequipped Quina of everything but its main weapon. Now run up into the Mountain Path.

When Quina runs off, Eiko will replace it. Although she's wearing equipment, you might want her to learn Ability Up and Level Up first, so equip her accordingly. Go up the left once you regain control of your party, and climb the root. Check the chest on the left for a Remedy. Continue to the right and take the blue stone out of its resting place. Climb back down the vine and go down the path where you first started at. Continue right and climb the vines up on the rock in front of you. Go left and get a Tent from the chest. Take out the red stone on your way out, then go back and head north.

Talk to Stilzkin and buy items from him, then give Suzuna her mail and save your game. Now head left and up the ladder. Cross the vines and keep going until you run into your next boss battle.

Boss Fight: Hell Gigas

Items to Steal: Fairy Flute, Mythril Fork, Phoenix Down

This battle is pretty easy. Have Zidane attack, Dagger and Eiko heal, and Vivi cast Thundara after focusing for a few turns. If you're on or above the suggested level, it'll be a lot easier. It's pretty hard to steal the Fairy Flute, so you don't have to try for it if you're cramped for time. If you use one of Eiko's summons, you'll see a mini cutscene.

After the battle, take the yellow stone from its resting place and head right. You'll reach a fork in the road and from here, go right first. Take out the green stone, then the Ether from the chest. Now go back to the fork and take the left. Continue forward until you're back on the world map.

Maidain Sari

Estimated time to Complete Event: 24 minutes
Suggested Level: 38 for all characters

Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: Tent, Ore, Phoenix Pinion
Key Items: Libra Coin, Kirman Coffee
Monsters: Blazer Beetle, Goblin Mage, Troll, Yeti, Yeti (land spirit)
Moogles: Morrison, Chimomo, Mocha, Mimoza, Momatose, Mog
Notes: None
Side Quests: Land Spirit, Coffee Quest
Shops: Morrison's Mogshop

From the exit of the Mountain path, head northwest to enter Maiden Sari by the shoreline. After you get control of Zidane, watch the ATE then check to the left of Dagger for a Tent. Now check the fountain for Libra. Head out to the upper right from here and talk to the moogle, then go back left. You'll then see a forced ATE. Have Chimomo go fishing, and Mocha dig up the potatoes.

Continue left afterwards and talk to Vivi. Try and enter the doorway in front of you and the Moogle will tell you that you must wait. Leave from here and watch the ATE. Make enough for 11 people; don't add the oglop. Help Chimomo catch the big fish, and accept Quina's help when s/he offers. Now go to Dagger and talk to her.

After talking to Dagger, she'll rejoin your party. You can take her and Zidane out by themselves to gain levels, and it'll be a lot easier since it's just the two of them. It's your decision.

Head back to the wall where you first saw Quina, and after the cutscene leave. Now go back to the kitchen and after you eat, get the Ore from the chest, and the Phoenix Pinion on the other side and take the pot to Eiko. (...That sounded wrong o_O what's a six-year-old doing with pot?)

Talk to Eiko then run over to the left around the oglop and suchs forths to receive the Kirman Coffee. Leave and head past Dagger. When the moogle asks, sleep for the night.

After a disturbing scene, you'll be back on the world map. Save your game and go back inside Maiden Sari to buy items if need be.

Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 24 minutes
Suggested Level: 39 for all characters

Bosses: Soulcage
Cards: None
Items: Elixir, Phoenix Down, Ether, Hi-Potion, Lamia's Flute, Brigandine, Ruby
Key Items: None
Monsters: Nymph, Blazer Beetle, Troll, Goblin Mage, Yeti, Stroper, Myconid, Zombie, Dracozombie, Nymph (land spirit)
Moogles: Mocchi
Notes: None
Side Quests: Land Spirit
Shops: None

The suggested level might seem a little harsh, but it would be better to gain a few levels now then the rest when you're actually inside the Iifa Tree. When you're ready, go back to the Mountain Path and choose the left as opposed to the right to reach the Iifa Tree.

After getting back to the world map, you'll once again be near Forests. You can find Quiz Master here and the land spirit, Nymph, who will give you lots of AP for a small price. She'll also give you a new stone. When you're ready, head inside the tree (it's marked on your map in case you don't know exactly where to go, but it's kind of hard to miss). Make sure you save before entering.

When prompted, ask Eiko how to break the seal. She'll break it and you'll receive another new stone. Continue down the roots when you're ready. You can only go one way, and when you think about it, the only way to go is up.

You get a lot of good experience here, but keep an eye out for all of the monsters anyway. Make sure to equip things like Loudmouth on your party, which protects against Silence.

After you get so far, you'll reach a moogle named Mocchi. Give him his mail if you have it, then tent and save. You might want to spend some time here gaining levels before continuing.

When you're ready, head down the vine and onto the platform. Try standing on it, and when you go down, continue down the vines. It will get darker as you go further down, but don't worry about it.

When you get into the room where you see a chest in the upper right corner, go down a bit and into a small tunnel on the right. (just below the chest.) Push whatever is sticking out and the chest will fall. Go up and open it for a Phoenix Down. Keep going and you'll reach another chest with a Hi-Potion in it. Keep going down from here.

Continue down and check the chest a ways below you to the right in a small cave for an Ether, then down a bit and left for a Lamia's Flute. Continue down into the next area.

You'll see a cutscene, then another as you're heading towards the bottom of the stalk. You'll then fight a couple of battles, but it's nothing major. You won't be able to cure for a while unless it's in battle, but you'll get a short opportunity to when you're prompted to run to Vivi and talk to him. Take this time to cure, use Ethers, switch weapons, etc. After you speak with Vivi, there'll be another battle.

When you finally reach the bottom, Eiko will ask that you follow her. You can't get into any battles as of yet, so check around for stuff. At the bottom of the second set of steps (the level Vivi and Eiko are on), you'll find an Elixir, then check the left side of where Vivi and Eiko are standing for a Brigandine. Equip it on Zidane immediately, because it teaches him Ability Up. Don't forget to equip that too. Now check the front of whatever you're standing on, and Eiko will start to speak. Run back up the steps and get Dagger, and you'll face your next boss.

Boss Fight: Soulcage

Items to Steal: Brigandine, Magician Cloak, Oak Staff

Steal what you'd like from him, but since you should already have the Brigandine and Oak Staff, try focusing on the Magician Cloak (but it never hurts to have two of any item). Have Vivi Focus and Eiko heal, and Dagger cast Ramuh since it's the most powerful spell you have at this point. Have Zidane steal/attack and after a few turns, have Vivi cast anything but Fira. Have Eiko cast Haste on Zidane to speed up the stealing, and you should be done in no time.

After this, you'll see an FMV of the mist leaving (it's so gorgeous), and you'll be summoned back to Maidain Sari. Accompany Eiko back there, and you'll find your next assignment and perhaps a little something more...

Maidain Sari Part II

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 17 minutes

Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: Survival Vest, Phoenix Down, Exploda, Elixir
Key Items: Memory Earring
Monsters: Same; Scarlet Hair
Moogles: Same
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: Morrison's Mogshop

Once back in the village, follow Eiko back to the kitchen. Talk to the moogles then head down the steps and talk to Eiko. Check the small box on the counter for a Phoenix Down, then the box on the floor for a Survival Vest. Now head to the Eidolon Wall.

The moogle near the entrance will heal you if need be, then let you look inside. Another one of the moogles will give you the Exploda after you look inside, so equip it on Zidane immediately (unless you have the Rune Tooth, then there's no need for it). You'll also recieve an Elixir. When you're ready, talk to Morrison at the door and ask where Mog is. Now go in and save her.

You'll have to fight Red (isn't he hot?), which CAN be fairly easy if you do it right. Keep defending until he's in the farthest right corner, then attack for double the damage. If you attack him any other time, you will probably miss. Don't bother stealing from him, because it's really just a waste of time. Use Hi-Potions when needed, and although it seems like it will last forever, it won't. If you're fairly close to trance, the end of this battle is closer than you think.

"The sly eagle doesn't kill at whim."

Head back to the kitchen after the battle, and back into the room where you found Eiko. Talk to her. Head outside the kitchen and out to the steps that lead back into the main part of the town. When an exclimation point pops up, hit the action button. After a couple of cutscenes and another beautiful FMV, the red head will join your party. Pick your party now, but the moogle at the door will let you switch characters if need be. When you're all finished here, head back to the Iifa Tree. (Make sure to buy some pinwheels before you go.)

Before entering Iifa again, make sure your party is at full health and you have plenty of potions, etc (it would help to put at least one white mage in your party). Enter when you're ready.

Iifa Part II

Estimated time to Complete Event: 21 minutes

Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: Aquamarine
Key Items: None
Monsters: Stroper, Myconid, Mistodon
Moogles: Mocchi
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: None

When prompted, choose to keep your current members (unless of course, you want to switch) then continue into the tree. You can still get into battles, mind you, so be careful. Keep going up the vines the same way as before and eventually you'll see a cutscene.

When you're finished organizing your party, choose the third option. You'll see another cutscene, a small FMV, then fight creatures of mist. When you have to go after Dagger, turn back instead and head north until you can't anymore. There you will find Mocchi, who will save your game (this is a bit of a secret, since not a lot of people knows he's there). You can also go to Mognet and he'll have a letter from Stilzkin.

Now head down and follow after Dagger. You'll be chased by spawns of the mist, so you're bound to run into at least two. Here's where your pinwheels will come in handy if you bought them. Have Amarant throw them and your battles will end quicker. Continue down until you reach Dagger.

"Power, mobility...You are truly the best! You even hurt me...a little."

You'll see a series of cutscenes and FMVs after receiving the Aquamarine. When the last one falls, and when it's all said and done, you'll have completed disk two.

"I kind of wanted to cry, too..."

This Concludes Disk Two. On to Disk Three, Chapter One