Chapter Two: Loss of Me

The Red Rose

Estimated time to Complete Event: 4 minutes

Although this part is short and pretty self-explanatory, I figured it should still have a small part in the walkthrough. Follow Beatrix when prompted, then watch the cutscene. Follow Vivi and you'll see a moogle behind you. Go back and talk to it. This is Serino. How she got here, I have no clue. Give her the mail from Mopli, then agree to give her letter to Moodon. Save, then follow Vivi. Talk to him, then watch the cutscene. Pick the first option, and you'll have officially completed this event. Not bad.


Estimated time to Complete Event: 49 minutes

Bosses: Zorn & Thorn; Beatrix; Ralvuimago
Cards: None
Items: Tent, Ice Brand
Key Items: None
Monsters: Alexandrian Soldier, Bandersnatch, Black Mage
Moogles: Mosh
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: None

Once you're out of the bars, equip Steiner with the Ice Brand if you've stolen it from Beatrix, and any other new equipment you've bought for him. But don't leave Marcus out. Give him the Blood Sword now that you're not using it anymore. Head around to the right and you'll have to fight the guards. You can't really run around to avoid them (believe me, I've tried it XD). Since Alexandria knights cast Blizzara, it will heal Steiner if he's equipped with the Ice Brand. And since Marcus has the Blood Sword, he'll regain HP each time he hits someone. This makes you practically invincible ^^.

When you're finished fighting the guards, go all the way to the left and climb up the ladder.

After Marcus shuts up, you have 29:30 on the clock. Head down, to the left, then north (try to avoid the guards) into the castle. Once you're inside head left up the stairs and into the entrance at the bottom of the screen. Head left up the spiral staircase where you first met Dagger (the Moogle isn't into the room to the right anymore, so don't bother going). Head left once up the stairs, or north (the room that Garnet was coming out of when you first met her). Continue straight ahead. You'll now be inside Garnet's bedroom.

You should have a little more than 25 minutes left on the clock. Head over to the left of the fireplace and move the candle there. Go inside, then use the Pendelum to get a Tent and another Ice Brand from the chests, if you didn't have one already. Head down the stairs from here. Yes, all the way down.

When you reach the middle platform of the last room, head north.

Boss Fight: Zorn & Thorn

Items to Steal: Thorn (red): Mythril Armlet, Mythril Armor; Zorn (blue): Stardust Rod, Partisan

You should have somewhere between 23 and 21 minutes left when you start this battle. Make sure to steal both items from Thorn, and at least the Stardust Rod from Zorn. While this is happening, have Freya cast Reis' Wind, and Vivi focus. Don't attack both of them, instead, attack them one at a time. They'll run away after you've inflicted enough damage, they'll run away with they're bells between their legs.

Run to Dagger after the battle is finished and watch the cutscene. There's a forced ATE afterwards, then run off the platform and save your game with Mosh. After this, return to Dagger's room.

Boss Fight: Beatrix

Items to Steal: Survival Vest, Ice Brand, Phoenix Down

Start by having Freya cast Reis' Wind, and Vivi focusing. Have Zidane steal the Survival vest, then have him attack. Have Steiner use Magic Sword with Vivi-any level 2 magic will do. This is much better if he's in Trance, and with the way Beatrix hits, it's possible. Have Freya cure anyone with potions that needs it, and have Vivi cast level 2 magic spells until Beatrix ends the battle with Climhazzard. (She has about 4000 HP, so it might take a while if one of your characters isn't in Trance).

Freya and Beatrix will team up against a Bandersnatch (which I remember from a poem by Lewis Caroll...). Just have Beatrix use Shock, and the battle will be over. (Isn't she gorgeous?)

Now that you're no longer on a time limit, you can take your time to equip Dagger and anyone else who needs it. Have her use the Stardust Rod first, then the Multina Racket (assuming of course, that you bought the Multina Racket from Cleyra and stole the Stardust Rod from Zorn). From here, jump on the Pendulum quickly before the Bandersnatch behind you catches up. Run down the stairs.

You'll fight three Black Mages that were like Black Waltz 3, but not as powerful. After this, continue down the steps and you'll fight a Bandersnatch. When you've beaten him, continue down the steps.

Steiner leaves you, which sucks. You'll have to fight another Bandersnatch, then the scene switches back to Freya and Beatrix. Use the Climhazzard, since it will hit both of the monsters. Steiner will arrive to help, so now you don't have to use Beatrix' magic anymore. Steiner and Beatrix both hit around 1400, so this battle should be easy just using physical attacks.

The scene switches back to Zidane now. Head north into the room where you fought Zorn and Thorn. Be mindful that you can get into battles now. You will probably run into Black Mages, but unfortunately you can't silence them, so just finish them quickly.

Tent with Mosh and save, then use Mognet and he'll ask you to deliver a letter to Monty. When you're done, head out and south to where Dagger and Steiner were originally captured.

"Bastards we may be, but clever are we." Don't you just love them? You think you're trapped, until Marcus and Blank (that sexy beast) comes and kicks the crap out of Zorn and Thorn. It's pretty easy since they're short.

Boss Fight: Ralvuimago

Items to Steal: Oak Staff, Adaman Vest, Phoenix Down

As usual, steal what you don't have. He might look like the same ugly mug you fought earlier, but he's different. Have Dagger cure, and Vivi focus while Zidane steals. If this sucker chibifies a character, the only thing you can do to cure it is use a Remedy (but you might be able to wait it out). Fira and all other level 2 Magic spells are effective. If he becomes compact, have everyone defend until he returns to normal.

Pinnacle Rocks

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 14 minutes

Bosses: None
Cards: None
Items: The Ogre, Peridot, Mythril Vest, Mythril Armlet
Key Items: None
Monsters: Sand Scorpion, Zaghnol, Seeker Bat
Moogles: Monty
Notes: This quest is optional. You'll get a Peridot later in the game and learn Ramuh whether you complete this or not.
Side Quests: None
Shops: None

"I will hide 5 manifestations of myself in this forest. Each one will carry a piece of the 'Hero's Story'. Collect all 5 pieces and tell me the story. If you put together the story to my satisfaction, I shall become your eidolon."

Now you know what your goal is in Pinnacle Rocks. Dagger will be leading in this event, since she did drag you into this mess in the first place. Head down to the Moogle, Monty. Tent (since no one bothered to restore your health for you), give him his mail from Mosh and save. Head down from here and get a Mythril Vest from the chest. Enter the area behind you and head to the right for the first Ramuh.

"Historian's explanation: The fact that they didn't report Joseph's death to his daughter was indicative of their guilt for failing to protect him. In the end, heroes are also human." -Human.

Now go to the left and into the next area. Go to the chest to the left for the second Ramuh.

"With Joseph's help, the troop defeated the adamantoise in the snow field cavern and acquired the Goddess Bell they needed to enter the empire's castle." -Cooperation.

Now get The Ogre from the chest, and head right around the green root going up (go around it, not up it). You'll be in the next area. Go forward and you'll find the third Ramuh.

"On their way home, they fell into a trap set by a traitor. Joseph gave his life to save the troop. The troop left without telling Joseph's daughter, Nelly, about the tragedy." -Silence.

Now go to the previous area and go up the green root. Once up it, take the path to the left. Continue until you find the fourth Ramuh.

"Once upon a time, 33 small countries fought together against an empire. One day, a rebel troop visited a man named Joseph, who lived with his daughter. Owing a debt to the troop, he gladly accepted their plea for help. They headed for a cavern in the snow field." -Beginning.

Now that you're here at the moogle, go straight across to the right and you'll be at the very first area you saw of Pinnacle Rocks. This is where you'll find the last Ramuh, and the last piece of his story.

"Historian's explanation: Although Joseph's death was not reported to his daughter, the manner of his death speaks for itself. This is the story of a true hero." -Hero.

From here, leave this area and save your game. Then go back up the root from here and to the left. You'll be back in the area where before, you chose to go left. This time, go right and across the bridge, then down to the exit. Now you must piece the story together. It goes as follows:

Beginning, Cooperation, Silence, ...

It doesn't matter which ending you choose for the story, but I chose human because it seems more realistic. Choose to jump off later when prompted, and go back a little ways until a question mark appears over your head. Jump to the box and open it for a Mythril Armlet. You should go back now to Monty and save, and check with Mognet. He'll now have a letter from Stilzkin. then head back to this area and leave, then when prompted, choose the first option to go to Lindblum.


Estimated Time to Complete Event: 26 minutes

Bosses: None
Cards: Lindblum
Items: 3000 gil, 993 gil, 340 gil, 262 gil, Ore, Ether, Phoenix Pinion
Key Items: World Map
Monsters: None
Moogles: Moodon, Moonte
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: Dragoos' Weapon Shop, Alice's Medicine Shop, Torres' Synth Shop, Dragon's Gate Merchant

After two moving FMVs, you'll be in Lindblum. Head into the first door on the left which is the inn, and go upstairs and save your game. Give Moodon his mail, and he'll also have a letter to you from Ruby. He'll also ask that you deliver a letter to Moonte. Accept, then head back outside. Head north from here.

Head to the upper right side of this area and you'll see a long cutscene. Cid will give you 3000 gil and put you back in the business area. The weapons shop will give you a major discount because you're not an Alexandrian soldier. Make sure you go to the Synth Shop and buy anything you need. Before talking to the man, head out of this area and check the rubble on the left for a Lindblum Card. You can also fly to the Theatre District and go into the house to the south for Ore. Also, head south down the steps here and talk to Lowell. (He's got blue hair.) Tell him Ruby is looking for actors and he states, (and I quote), "I'll share my talent with those uncultured people." Is he full of it or what?

You can also go into Tantalus' hideout where they've got new items in the boxes. 993 gil, 340 gil, and 262 gil. it's really just a bunch of money, but...who's complaining?

The screen before the businesses in the business area, there is a tall building that kind of looks like a clock tower. Enter it and check the chests for an Ether, and a Phoenix Pinion. Card Freak Gon lives here, and he's the only person in town that will play cards with you.

When you're done, tell the man in the business area that you're ready to leave. After the cutscene, Cid will give you the World Map. Save with Moonte and give him his mail, and the man near the exit will sell you both weapons and items, because once you ride the trolley here you can't go back.

Fossil Roo

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 54 minutes
Suggested Level: Zidane: 30 Vivi: 27 Dagger: 26 Quina: 27

Bosses: Lani
Blu Magic: Lv4 Holy, Aqua Breath, Mighty Guard, Pumpkin Head, Night, Angel's Snack, Frog Drop, White Wind, Vanish
Cards: None
Items: Lamia's Tiara, Survival Vest, Ether
Key Items: None
Monsters: Serpion, Ladybug, Ironite, Vice, Hedgehog Pie, Gigan Toad, Armodullahan, Abomination, Griffin, Seeker Bat, Feather Circle
Moogles: Mogki, Skiltzkin
Notes: Now would be a good time to get any and all Blu Magic that you missed earlier.
Side Quests: None
Shops: Mogki's Mogshop, Kuppo's Mogshop, Treasure Hunter's Weapon Shop

Before going anywhere, after you exit Lindblum's Dragon Gate, go to Qu's Marsh and pick up Quina. Make sure you let him/it eat more frogs before you go. From here, go to Quale's house and talk to him. Then from his house, go to the right.

From the gate, head inside and head down the steps on the right. Keep going through the hallway in this corridor. You'll have to outrun a chariot that's chasing you, and you'll probably get caught more than once. Just use Fira if you get caught, then continue.

Boss Fight: Lani

Items to Steal: Coral Sword, Gladius, Ether

Steal the items if you'd like to, although it might take a while to get the Coral Sword. Have Vivi Focus; Lani will only take Dagger. On occasion she'll use a spell that hits the whole party. Have Vivi cast level 2 magic, and if it's focused (and he's in trance), it'll hit more than 2000 each turn. Have Dagger cast Shell and Protect on herself, since Lani will mostly just be hitting her.

Continue forward after the battle. Head up the stairs to the left, then grab the flowers on the left then walk a little ways and stand in the middle of the opening to ride the gargant. When you land, head north into the next room and down the steps. Buy the items from Stiltzkin, then save your game with Mogki, then go to Mognet. You can also buy items from him. I'm sure you'd like to find the Moogle, but we'll get to that in a moment. For now, head north and grab a flower, then go to the edge of the ledge and call the gargant.

When you land, go right and flip the switch, then come back out. Grab a flower then stand in the small damp spot to call the gargant. Go up the stairs to your left once you land and keep going north. Get the Ether from the box. Go back out now and back down the steps then pass the place you landed and north into the next area. Head around the bend and into the next room. You'll be just above the room with the Moogles. Hit the lever, then go back and ride the gargant again.

You'll be back in a previous room. Go right again and hit the switch, then ride the gargant yet again. Head back once you land and save your game. Now head to the right and ride the gargant from here.

You'll land next to a weapons dealer. Buy as many Remedy as possible if you can afford it. When you're done go up the stairs right in front of you (they're kind of hard to see) and you'll see a lever. Don't pull it, just keep going into the room on your right. Take a flower and catch a ride.

When you land, head south and right to the next room. From here, go right and climb the vines to the right of the screen. In the next area, talk to the miner and give him a potion for the use of his pick. Check around everywhere you can, since there's no time limit. I mostly found Ore, but I'm sure there are other things. When you're done, check the far right wall on the top floor. Keep picking at it until the Moogle, Kuppo, pops out. Go to Mognet and he'll ask that you deliver a letter to Kupo. He'll also sell you items and save your game. Give the pick back to the miner when you're done and go into the room behind where he was standing.

Go south then all the way to the left and check the chest for a Survival Vest. Now head back and save your game again if you'd like. From the miner, head back into the room you were in before with the vines, and go back to the lever.

Hit the lever and go back out on the ledge, then ride the Gargant. In this area, go right and out to the ledge above the miner and check the box for Lamia's Tiara. Now go back out and ride the gargant again.

Now hit the lever yet again and go back, ride the gargant, and when you land go back into the room with the vines. Climb to the bottom then all the way up to the top and stay directly under the water statue at the very top to reach the switch. Hit it, then go down under the water statue so that it'll push you to the bottom. Come out of the water and go south then ride the gargant outside.

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