Chapter One: Grieve for the Skies

Summit Station

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 25 minutes

Bosses: Black Waltz no. 3
Cards: None
Items: Phoenix Down, 1610 gil, Ether x3
Key Items: Scorpio Coin
Monsters: Ghost, Ghost (land spirit), Mandragora, Carve Spider, Trick Sparrow
Moogles: Nazna
Notes: The Quan's Dwelling Side Quest is included.
Side Quests: Quan's Dwelling, Stellazio Coin
Shops: Summit Station Shop, Vega Item Shop

After leaving the train, head to the right and into the rest area. In the lower left corner, there's a chest with a Phoenix Down. Head left from there and talk to the Shopkeeper to the right of the Moogle, and buy whatever items you need. Make sure to buy both the Air Racket and Mythril Rod for Dagger, because she can learn abilities on each of them. If you stole the Mythril Sword from Beatrix, equip it on Steiner now. When you're done, save your game with the Moogle Nazna and give her the letter from Grimo. Go back into Mognet and select cancel when you're done, and she'll ask you to deliver a letter to Mochos. When you're finished, talk to the attendant to the left behind the counter and you'll hear a familiar voice. Run out of the exit to the left, and you'll find that the voices belong to your two good buddies from Tantalus, Marcus and Cinna. Run back inside and talk to them, then talk to Steiner. Afterwards, the cable car to Alexandria will arrive. Run outside and watch Cinna see Marcus off, then talk to Cinna. When you're done, get on the train and watch the cutscene. When you regain control of Dagger, talk to Marcus again. Just then, the train will stop.

Boss Fight: Black Waltz #3

Items to Steal: Steepled Hat, Lightning Staff, Flame Staff

Everyone is at their same levels as before, so this might be a little tough. Have Marcus do your stealing while Dagger heals and Steiner attacks. But don't have Steiner attack until you've robbed this wizard blind. He might cast Freeze on a party member, but you don't have anything that can cure it right now other than a physical attack from someone. Since Dagger is the weakest, have her attack the frozen character. There is a chance that the impact of an attack will crush the character, so if you want to wait out the Freeze spell, that's fine too. As usual, the Waltz won't attack Dagger, so she's in the clear. After you've stolen the Flame Staff, have all party members attack him, including Dagger. Steiner will probably go into trance, which will make this battle go by quicker.

After the battle, you'll see a cutscene on the train. Once you're off, you can buy items you need from part-time worker Mary. When you're finished, exit to the north, then cross the bridge. Head down the steps below you and open the chest for 1610 gil. You'll need it because there's a lot of shopping to do ahead. Exit to the left and talk to the Guard. Try to leave and he'll tell you he has to raise the gate. Show him your gate pass and then you can leave.

Side Quest: Quan's Dwelling

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 4 minutes

When you first enter, run all the way around the path and head right. From here, go down the steps and get the Ether in the chest. Head back up the steps and to the left. Slide down the rope and at the spring, you can restore your health if necessary. Open the chest down here for another Ether, then check around the bottom of the screen for another Stellazio Coin, Scorpio. When you're done, then climb back up the rope. Go forward from here and in the next area, climb the ladder for yet another Ether. Check around the right side of the table for some writing, then head out through the right. Out here you'll see that a clock stopped the week before Dagger left Alexandria, and there's a strange foam on the surface of the ocean.

Come back here whenever you need to be healed for free-who could pass up a deal like that?


Estimated Time to Complete Event: 34 minutes
Suggested Level: Dagger: 15 Steiner: 15 Marcus: 14

Bosses: None
Cards: Tonberry, Yeti
Items: Power Belt, 1 gil, 2225 gil
Key Items: Gemini Coin, Taurus Coin
Monsters: Griffin
Moogles: Mogrich
Notes: None
Side Quests: Stellazio
Shops: Treno Weapon and Armor Shop, Treno Item Shop, Treno Synth Shop

Welcome back to the world map. Since you're here, you should spend this time gaining levels, and finding the Land Spirit nearby. If you go to the left of Treno, you can enter a place called Quan's Dwelling. Here there is a spring that will restore your health, so that you don't have to use your tents. However, beware. In the forest is a creature called Mandragora and it's very dangerous. If you run into two of them and defeat them, you'll get about 204 experience points, making it very easy to gain levels. If you're going to fight them, it would be best to hang around Quan's Dwelling, or stock up on potions and tents from Mary's shop.

Note that you can also find the Ghost Land Spirit (see Side Quests Section) in this forest.

Welcome to Dark City Treno. When you regain control of Steiner after the cutscene, go over to the well and throw in 120 gil for the Gemini Coin. Watch the ATE "Treno Tradition" when you're done, then head left.

Watch the first ATE (not "Ambition", the other know, the other one that's not Lisa?), then keep heading all the way left past the children and across the bridge. Open the chest for a Mythril Dagger. Now head back to the red entry roof where you saw the thief and Dagger run into. Watch the ATE Confusion, then head around the bush where the thief was hiding, and into the door on the left. Talk to the thief before he leaves and he'll give you the Power Belt he bought with Dagger's money and run off. Keep going down this hallway and you'll reach a Synth shop. Try to buy at least one of each accessory you don't have.

Leave the Synth shop and continue north to the next screen. Go into the house there and you'll be able to give your Stellazio Coins away to the Birdy Woman o_O In exchange she'll give you items.

Leave and go back to the area with the Synth Shop, but instead of going back the way you came, take the bottom right exit. Watch another ATE of the Unexpected Visitor, then continue to the right. You'll pass the Card house; if you'd like you can play cards with just about anyone in Treno. Head up the steps and into the next area.

Watch the ATE "Ambition" if you haven't already, then you can go up the steps to the right and play cards with the drunk if you'd like. If not, continue straight and go into the area on the right (where the old man is standing).

Make sure to buy at least one Mythril Sword for Steiner. You can buy one for Marcus as well. If you didn't steal a Flame, Ice, or Lightning Staff for Vivi, you can buy them all right here, right now. Also make sure to buy more armor, not just for your current party, but for your other one as well. When you're finished breaking yourself, ask about the monster below. Ask to fight it, and be prepared. Make sure that Steiner's equipment is updated so this battle can run smoothly. At the beginning, use a tent on the monster so that it'll be bitten by the Silence/Darkness/Poison snake. Use an elixir on yourself if your HP is down, then have Steiner attack until either he kills him or the poision does. Your prize will be a Tonberry Card.

When you're finished, head north to the auction house. Before entering, check around the left side of the house for 2225 gil. Now enter the auction house, and buy some things you think you might need. Specifically, try and get the Fairy Earrings, and if you can afford it, try and get more than one pair.

Once you have the Fairy Earrings (make sure you also made one or two Cachushas from the Synth Shop), if you're going out to gain levels, equip the Cachusha on Dagger and equip the ability "Ability Up". This will allow her to learn abilities faster. Once she's mastered that, give her the Fairy Earrings so she can learn Level Up, making her gain levels faster. Make sure to equip it as an ability. Once she's learned these two, gaining levels and learning abilities will be easy.

Whenever you're finished with what you're doing, be it gaining levels, buying from the auction house, or just playing some good old-fashioned cards, head back to the area with the old man. (Just outside of the shop with the monster beneath it.) Remember the steps with the drunk old man at the top? Head up them and a moogle will fly out. Chase him and talk to him. He'll save your game for you. Go to Mognet and he'll have a letter from Stilzkin. When you're done saving, head back up the steps where the drunk is and pass him into the next area.

Pass the children and head down the ladder on the right. Get a Yeti Card from the chest in front of you, then 1 gil (how significant) from the chest on the right. You can buy items from the shop in front of you. When you're finished, run around the back of the shop and check around the right side for the Taurus Coin. Make sure you go turn it in to that Birdy Lady before you leave.

If you've turned the Scorpio Coin into the Birdy Lady, she'll give you a Blood Sword in exchange. Equip it on Steiner before continuing.

From the ladder in front of the item shop, climb back up it and go into the house on the left (or from the Treno entrance, just head left and into the first entrance on the left). Head down the steps and talk to Marcus. After the cutscene, keep going straight and down the ladder and keep going until you see Baku. Steiner will follow you...he's like the thing that wouldn't shut up. Talk to Baku and you'll see a cutscene of Baku, Marcus, Steiner and Dagger talking, then another of the before-mentioned unsuspected guest.

Head out of the inn and south from there. This will place you back at the Treno entrance.From here, go left, then on the next screen go all the way left. The door will be unlocked just as Tot promised. Run up the steps and watch the cutscene, then talk to Doctor Tot again. After this cutscene, climb the ladders then talk to Tot and go down the hole.

Gargan Roo

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 9 minutes (depending on whether you choose to gain levels or not in this area)
Suggested Level: Dagger: 20 Steiner: 20 Marcus: 19

Bosses: Ralvurahva
Cards: None
Items: Chain Plate, Phoenix Down
Key Items: None
Monsters: Dragonfly, Crawler
Moogles: Mochos
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: None

Talk to the Moogle, Mochos below you and give him his letter from Nazna. Moogles are dramatic, huh?

Head to the left from the Moogle and be advised that you can get into battles from this point on. Get the chest to the left for a Chain Plate, then go left and open the chest next to the lever for a Phoenix Down. Pull the lever then head back to the moogle. Save if you'd like, then go right.

You can stick around in this area for a little while to gain levels. They give excellent experience (sometimes 300 or more a battle) so gaining levels will be fairly easy, especially with Level Up equipped. You can head back into Treno for any supplies you need, and come back down when you're ready.

From Mochos, go right and in the next area, make another right. Pull the triangle chain then follow Tot. After speaking to him a second time, save your game. When you're finished, go back out to Tot and make a left. Go to the lever that says 'Feed' and pull it.

Boss Fight: Ralvurahva

Items to Steal: Bone Wrist, Mythril Fork

This snake has one ugly mug, and power to boot. Start by stealing the Bone Wrist and Mythril Fork. This should be easy for Marcus if he's on the suggested level. Have Steiner attack once he's finished, and Dagger heal the party when needed. Have Marcus attack when he's done stealing, and if you're on the suggested levels or close to them, this battle will be over in no time.

Cleyra's Trunk

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 14 minutes
Suggested Level: Zidane: 27 Freya: 27 Vivi: 25 Quina: 26

Bosses: None
Blu Magic: Matra Magic, White Wind, Auto-Life
Cards: None
Items: Phoenix Down, Ice Staff, Magician Shoes, Ether, Needle Fork, Tent, Flame Staff, Remedy, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Vest, Desert Boots, Potion, Elixir, 900 gil, Gysahl Greens, Hi-Potion
Key Items: None
Monsters: Dragonfly, Sand Golem, Carrion Worm, Zuu
Moogles: Monev
Notes: Attack the Sand Golem's core as opposed to its body.
Side Quests: None
Shops: None

Now that you're back on the world map, you should save. Hopefully you've bought at least one or two pair of Fairy Earrings from the Treno Auction House. (Kind of reminds you of the Jidoor Auction House in FF6, doesn't it?) Start by equipping your party members with any new equipment you've received for them, including a Cachusha on Freya so she can learn Ability Up. Give Quina a yellow scarf if he/she/it doesn't have one already, so it can learn Millionare and make it easier for you to gain money. (I've determined that it can't be a 'she' because it can't wear any items that only girls can wear.) Try to give one set of Fairy Earrings to Vivi, since his levels are probably lower than everyone else's.

Cleyra is marked on your map, so when you're ready to go there, just follow the map (or if you're lost, just go South of Burmecia, then west.) It's relatively easy to find considering it's a giant sandstorm.

The experience outside of Cleyra sucks, so if you'd like to go inside and hang around Cleyra's Trunk for a while, it would work out better for you.

When you regain control of Zidane, run straight forward across the bridges. In the next area, go head up the steps then up the steps on the right and pull the lever to open the door, then go through it.

Go right and get a Phoenix Down from the chest, then continue up into the next screen. Head north and look around until you find the chest hidden by the tree branches containing an Ice Staff. Head south now all the way below the tree and open the chest there for Magician Shoes. When you're done here, head out of the exit to the right.

Note: When fighting the Sand Golem, you must attack its Core to defeat it. He will Counter each time, so have Freya cast Reis' Wind.

Head up the trunk and you might run into a Zuu Bird. Weaken it as much as possible, but don't kill it. Have Quina eat it so it can learn 'White Wind', which will heal your party when used. If he eats Quina and/or Zidane, run away and try it again. The best way to do this would be to wait until everyone's ATB is up. Have Zidane attack it, then Vivi, then select the Eat Command for Quina. Zuu will probably cast White Wind on itself. Then wait until everyone's ATB is up again, and have Freya attack this time, then Quina eat it right after.

Keep heading up the trunk then make a left. In this area, grab the Ether from the chest. Go down a little and put your hand in the hole. Run out and back down the trunk, then climb up the vines. Head directly left here into the next area.

Head left and open the chest for a Needle Fork, then up the slope to the right and get the Tent from the chest there. Head left to meet the moogle Monev. Give him his letter from Atla, then save your game. From here, go right and up the slope on the left.

You'll see a fork in the road. Go left first and up for a Flame Staff, then to the right. Cross the bridge and in the next area, head directly right. Check the chest for a Remedy, then continue up and loop around. You should be in another area. If you're not, try it again. If you are in the next area, check the chest in front of you for a pair of Mythril Gloves. Head forward into the next area and pull the lever, then head back out. Head into the corridor on the left for a Mythril Vest, then check in the middle of the room for Desert Boots. Head into the longer corridor on the left to exit.

Check the chest in front of you for a Potion, then go up the slope on the right. In this area, check the chest for an Elixir, then head back out and to the exit to the north.

Walk, don't run, around the first whirlpool to the right and get a Hi-Potion from the chest. If you're extremely careful, you can avoid them altogether, but only if you walk slowly. If you do get sucked in, mash the 'x' button to get back out. (If you get pulled in completely, you'll have to battle Sand Scorpions. They give you about 200 exp. so if you want to hang around here for a little while to gain levels, you can.) Check the second chest on the left for 900 gil, then exit stage left.

Keep going down the hallway then when you get to the ladder, walk around it and check the chest for Gysahl Greens. Once you climb up the ladder, you'll be in Cleyra.

Cleyra Settlement

Estimated Time to Complete Event: 56 minutes
Suggested Level: Same

Bosses: Antlion; Beatrix
Cards: Nymph, Zuu
Items: 970 gil, Phoenix Pinion x3, Ore, Echo Screen, 1250 gil, Ether x2, Yellow Scarf, Remedy, Phoenix Down
Key Items: None
Monsters: Type B, Alexandrian Soldier
Moogles: Mopli, Stilzkin
Notes: None
Side Quests: None
Shops: Burmecian Soldier Dan's Weapon & Armor Shop, Star Maidain Nina's Medicine Shop

Welcome to Cleyra Settlement. When Kildea offers to guide you around, pick yes. When you're done, head past the guide and to the right. Check around where you entered for 970 gil. From this point, you can take Zidane out by himself and gain some levels with him. If you go back a few rooms into the rooms with the sandpits, and fight two Sand Scorpions, Zidane will get 800 exp per battle. Not bad at all.

When you're finished here, you can head up the steps in front of you. Before entering the next area, take a right on the steps (by the steeple looking thing) for a Phoenix Pinion. Go right and up the steps for Ore, then left and up those steps. You'll see Dan, the soldier you saved in Burmecia. He'll sell you weapons, so buy what you need and don't forget about your other party members (Dagger and Steiner).

Go back down the steps and to the right, then view the ATE. Head back and up the stairs, then go into the Inn behind the family. Check the upper left corner for an Echo Screen, then the lower right corner by the stairs on the right for 1250 gil. Head up the stairs and talk to the Moogle, Mopli. You'll have a letter from Ruby (I have to wonder how the Moogles get your mail). When you're finished, head back out.

Head up the stairs to the right, and view the ATEs. Head left now, and a little further for a Phoenix Pinion right by the mushrooms. Talk to the little girl in pink and she'll sell you items. Make sure to buy some Anointment. You can go back from here and talk to Dan, then walk into the inn and talk to Vivi, but they don't have much to say. When you're done, come back to the little girl that sold you items and head up the stairs.

Go into the Cathedral and talk to the women there. They won't let you pass, so go back to the inn. After the cutscene, make sure Zidane is equipped with his new stuff, and go into the inn and save your game. Then from there, go back to the entrance of the Cleyra Settlement. Go right into the Antlion Pit.

Boss Fight: Antlion

Items to Steal: Gold Helm, Mythril Vest, Annoyntment

While for old time gamers, this is a little more than a flashback from FF4 (FF2 American Version), Antlion is still nothing to joke about. Start by stealing all his items from him (I know, I'm a klepto.), but especially the Gold Helm since you can buy those other two items. Have Vivi Focus while Freya casts Reis' Wind. The best case scenario is that Freya and Vivi both go into Trance mode. (This happened to me, so the battle ended pretty quick.) If this does happen, have Freya Jump and she won't come down until her trance is over. Have Vivi cast Blizzara twice with his Double Black skill. This will be better if you've focused his magic once or twice. If he casts Sandstorm, have Quina use White Wind.

After all the cutscenes, you'll gain control of Freya. Equip her with any new equipment you have for her. When you're done, head back to the inn. Go upstairs and buy items from Stilzkin. Kneel by the bed to the right of Mopli for an Ether. Go to Mognet and Monev will have sent a letter to Mopli. Save your game, then head back to the entrance of the Settlement again. After this, head down the ladder.

From here, go back one room and you'll see some Alexandrian soldiers that you'll have to fight. Make sure you equip your characters before you do this. Just keep going backwards like you're leaving. When you get to the bridge, pick "Yeah I thought so, too", and Puck will pop out.

You'll have a lot of fighting to do, so after you finish off the first black mage, it would be a good idea to run to the right where you fought Antlion and save your game with Mopli. After this, go to Mognet and he'll ask that you deliver a letter to Serino. Accept and head back out to fight three more soldiers. After this you'll fight two more mages.

After Zidane heads up the steps, pick the second option unless you want to double your enemies. Then pick the second option again. You'll fight two mages. In the next area, when the children ask, pick the third option and you'll fight two soldiers. Then on the next screen when the children ask are they safe, pick the second option.

After the cutscene, check around the left of the entrance for a Yellow Scarf. Talk to the maidens for a Remedy and a Phoenix Down, then to the children for a Nymph Card and a Zuu Card. Now talk to the Tree Oracles for an Ether and a Phoenix Pinion. What a deal, huh? Now before leaving, save your game with Mopli.

Boss Fight: Beatrix

Items to Steal: Ice Brand, Thunder Gloves, Phoenix Down

Start by of course, stealing from Beatrix. All you really need is the Ice Brand, so after Zidane's stolen it (which should be around his second turn), have Freya jump and Vivi cast level 2 magic, preferably Fire, but Thunder does nicely too. Have Zidane attack and Quina heal anyone that needs it with potions, or White Wind for the whole party. After you do enough damage, Beatrix will end the battle with Stock Break.

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