Chapter Two: Crossing Those Hills

The Evil Forest

Estimated Time to complete event: 25 minutes
Suggested Level: Zidane: 5 Vivi: 5 Steiner: 5
Bosses: Prison Cage; Prison Cage; Baku; Plant Brain
Items: Phoenix Down, Bronze Gloves, Wrist, Ether x3, 116 gil, Rubber Helm, Leather Hat, Iron Helm, Eye Drops
Key Items: Blank's Medicine, Continental Map, Moogle Flute
Monsters: Plant Spider, Goblin, Fang, Dendrobium (?)
Moogles: Mosco, Monty, Moguo
Notes: Moguo is your map moogle.
Shops: Cinna (after rescuing Vivi)
Plugs: Junon/Rufus Shinra theme from FF7 (ATE two screens away from the Prima Vista)

At the start, the moogle Mosco will introduce ATE to you, or Active Time Event. When you're finished, head over to him and save. Afterwards, go over by the Conductor and pick up a Phoenix Down.

After you go into the tree trunk, hang around for a while until Zidane is on level 3-5. (This should take 5-10 minutes.) Now head to the right and onto the next screen.

Fight: Prison Cage

With Zidane in Trance mode, you have the advantage. Make sure not to use Tidal Flame or it'll hit Garnet too. After the battle, another Prison Cage will come down and capture Vivi.

Fight: Prison Cage

Items to Steal: Leather Wrist, Broadsword

In this battle, he will cast Fire to help you out a little bit. If he's getting low on HP, have Steiner use a potion on him while Zidane continues to steal. After a few rounds of fire and hits, the monster will die and release Vivi.

Once you regain control of Zidane, head to the right and open the box next to Baku to receive Bronze Gloves for Steiner. Head out of the south entrance and watch the ATEs if you wish. Afterwards, go down the steps and to the left. Check the box for a Wrist then go back to the right and meet Blank. Walk into the room that he just came out of.

When you first enter, check the box right next to you for an Ether, then head up the ladder on the bed for 116 gil. When you're finished collecting these items, talk to Vivi then walk out of the room for a cutscene. Afterwards, walk back down the steps and talk to Blank, then enter the room to the left and walk to the south to receive an Ether from the chest. Now head down the steps that Marcus is standing in front of.

Once you're in the new room, head to the north to find a Rubber Helm. You can also head south out of the door and to the right for a Leather Hat. Head outside to save your game then head back to the room where you found the Rubber Helm and go into the door on the right. Talk to Baku and he'll tell you to follow him. Before leaving the room, open the chest next to you for a Potion, then head into the cargo room.

Boss Fight: Baku

Items to Steal: Iron Sword, Hi-Potion

There's not much to do but attack him and steal. He should be finished in about 3-7 hits depending on your levels and equipment.

After the battle, talk to Blank then enter the storage room. After recruiting Steiner, walk back into the room he was in and check the chest for an Ether. Afterwards, head out and go recruit Vivi. Now save your game. You can also buy items from Cinna, so stock up before you leave. The next shop is a long way away.

Two screens away from where you found Vivi and Steiner is a spring that will restore your health, and a Moogle that goes by the name of Monty. Head past Monty and three screens up, then watch the cutscene.

Boss Fight: Plant Brain

Items to Steal: Iron Helm, Eye Drops

Have Vivi Focus his magic then cast Fire. After you've done close to 800 HP of damage, Blank will arrive to help you out. Have either him or Zidane cure the other party members while Steiner and Vivi continue to cast Fire and Fire Sword.

When the battle is over, you'll have to run quickly so that you don't get caught by the forest creatures. You'll get into at least one or two battles, but they'll be over quickly. After the battles, you'll see more cutscenes.

Monty will approach you later in a cutscene and give you a Flute to call his buddy, Moguo, who will save your game for you anywhere on the world map. And now that you're on the world map, press 'square' to save your game.

The Ice Cavern

Estimated time to complete event: 30 minutes
Suggested level: Zidane: 7 Vivi: 6 Steiner: 6 Garnet: 6
Bosses: Black Waltz No. 1 and Sealion
Items: Eye Drops, Potion x3, Tent, Ether, Elixir, Mage Masher, Phoenix Down, Leather Wrist
Monsters: Fang, Wyerd, Flan, Cave Imp
Moogles: Mois
Sidequests: Rag Timer

Before going into the Ice Cavern, head west of the cavern and enter the North Gate. After the cutscene, head into the gate on the right for some Eye Drops, then from there go north and check that box to receive a Potion. Go to the gate, then choose to listen close, then call out to someone inside. After the cutscene, the woman on the other side of the gate will sell you potions if you need them.

Upon entering the Ice Cavern, you'll see two cutscenes. When they're finished talking, move to the left and jump on the ledge to receive a Tent from the chest. Jump down from the ledge and head up the path, then onto the next screen.

Head up the steps on the right and Vivi will burn the wall of ice down so that you can get the Ether out of the chest. Now head back down the steps and then to the next set. Don't go up them - instead take the path to the right of the steps around so that you can collect a Potion. Head back around the path, up the steps and into the next room.

Take the left path first, then once you're at the ice wall Vivi will burn it down to reveal a chest containing an Elixir. Head down the right path from here and up the ice pick to receive a potion from the chest in front of you. Run back down the ice pick and stand in front of it. A question mark will pop above Zidane's head-when it does, choose to examine it. Vivi will cast fire on it, causing it to fall. Run down it then open the chest for a Mage Masher. Go all the way right and exit this area.

Go right for a Phoenix Down. From here, take the left path to the ice wall and burn it down. It will lead to another path. Follow this path and at the end, there is a chest containing a Leather Wrist. Now go back the way you came. Follow the path to the right and into the next area.

Take the path to the left first. There is a Moogle in here named Mois. He has a letter for Gumo. Tent and save then leave the room with the Mois in it and take the path to the right. When you regain control of Zidane, continue heading right.

Boss Fight: Black Waltz No. 1 and Sealion

Items to Steal: Mythril Dagger (Sealion), Ether (Sealion), Silk Shirt (Black Waltz), Remedy (Black Waltz)

Cure often. With the Mage Masher equipped, use Zidane's Dyne attack, Tidal Flame after he goes into trance. It should be enough to wipe out Black Waltz. Then use the attack again (if you're still in trance mode) to wipe out the Sealion.

After the cutscene, head back to save if you'd like. Go back into the room that you came from with Zidane, then up the steps to the right. Follow the path all the way up to the top and watch the cutscene.

The Small Town of Dali

Estimated Time to complete event: 45 minutes
Suggested Level: Zidane: 7, Steiner: 16, Vivi: 6, Garnet: 6
Bosses: Black Waltz No. 2; Black Waltz No. 3
Items: Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion, Potion x4, 135 gil, Antidote, 156 gil, Hi-Potion, Eye Drops, Ether, Leather Wrist, Iron Helm, 95 gil
Key Items: Aries Coin
Monsters: Carve Spider, Python, Ghost, Vice, Mu (land spirit)
Moogles: Gumo, Kumop
Notes: This covers all surrounding areas of Dali, including the Observatory Mountain.
Side Quests: Coffee Quest, Stellazio Quest, Land Spirits
Shops: Part-Time Worker Mary's Medicine Shop, Eve's Item Shop, Tavern Medicine Shop

Once you're back on the world map, make a left around the corner and go into South Gate. If you wait for a couple of moments, a woman will show up that will sell you Potions, Eye Drops, Antidote, Phoenix Downs, Tents; she'll even let you rest for 100 gil. Try and save at least 1,000 gil for upgrades in weapons and such forths.

Your next stop is the Observatory Mountain next to Dali. Once there, head to the right and open the chest for a Hi-Potion, then all the way over to the fence on the right side for 135 gil. From here, go inside the house and the older man there will talk about his coffee. Admire his Prima Vista model for a moment and he'll tell you that you can have it if you can bring him Burman, Kirman and Moccha Coffee. See the Side Quests section for more information.

Enter Dali. After the cutscene, your party will enter the Inn. After Zidane wakes up, head to the right for an Antidote, then to the left for a Potion.

Walk out of the room and save your game at the Moogle, and give him his mail from Mois. Then head out of the room and into the first door on the right, which is the weapons shop. Stock up then leave the store and go to the top of the screen and talk to Vivi. The house to the right of him is the medicine shop.

Go back to the weapons shop and there you'll find Dagger (after the ATE Cat's Eye 2). Head back into the Inn when you're finished and talk to Dagger. You'll see a forced ATE. Afterwards, save your game. If you'd like, you can go outside and gain levels with just Zidane and Dagger.

Go to the spot where you found Vivi. Enter the door left of here after the cutscene. Go to the left of the door in front of you to receive the Aries Coin. Go back towards the entrance and check the black top to find a secret entrance to an underground tunnel.

Climb down the ladder and jump on the semi-elevator. Open the chest in front of you for 156 gil, then head down the hallway into the next area. After the cutscene, go back into the room that Vivi and the other two men came out of for a Potion. Then come out of the room and over to the right for some Eye Drops. Continue into the next room.

Check the barrel for a Moogle by the name of Kumop, and he'll ask you to deliver mail to Mogki. Accept then save your game. Climb the boxes behind the moogle's barrel to receive an Ether, then go back down and kick the wheel of the crane. The box that comes down contains a Potion. Head into the next room when you're finished.

Head forward and open the box on the right for a Leather Wrist, then up the steps on the left and around for an Iron Helm. Go forward and jump down the set of boxes in front of you, then into the next area.

After you have Vivi back, run around to the other side of the box he was in and collect 95 gil from the chest. Open the door with the Mist coming out from under it. You'll fight a battle, then enter a new room. There are three chests: a Phoenix Down, a Potion, and the other (hidden behind the machine), a Phoenix Pinion. Now head back out and across the bridge to the right into the next room.

Keep heading straight and you'll see a cutscene then have control of Steiner. Follow Morrid into his house and talk to him, then leave his house and head south. When prompted, pick the second option

Boss Fight: Black Waltz No. 2

Items to Steal: Leathered Plate, Steepled Hat

Don't cast fire, only cast Blizzard. Black Waltz 2 won't attack Garnet at all. Just have her heal, and if Steiner goes into trance then use his Blizzard Sword Magic.

When the battle is done, run back into town and stay at the Inn, then save your game at the Moogle. Head back to where you fought Black Waltz and choose to board the airship. Once you have control of Zidane, head down the hall and up the ladder. When you're done talking to Steiner, run into the control room.

Boss Fight: Black Waltz No. 3

Items to Steal: Silver Gloves, Linen Cuirass, Steepled Hat

While Zidane steals, have Vivi focus his magic. If he's still in trance when you're done stealing Black Waltz' items, use Vivi's double black magic in addition to Steiner's magic sword. Have Zidane attack and heal when necessary.

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