Chapter One: The Place I'll Return to Someday

The Dark Room

Estimated Time to complete Event: 10 minutes

Bosses: Masked Assailant
Items: 47 gil, Potion

After the credits and opening FMVs, you'll find yourself in a dark room controlling a boy with a tail. He's holding a light, and you are supposed to light a lamp in the middle of the room. Don't light it just yet. Walk past the lamp to the back of the room and turn to the left to receive 47 gil, then move over to the right to get a Potion. Now light the lamp. Shortly afterward, you'll have your first boss battle.

Boss Fight: Masked Assailant

Items to Steal: Wrist, Potion, Mage Masher

When you're done robbing this guy of his goods, have everyone attack him and if necessary, have Cinna cure with potions because he's the weakest attacker.

Once you're finished with your battle, pay very close attention to what Baku and the rest of the group has to say.


Estimated Time to complete event: 15 minutes

Cards: Fang x2, Lizard Man, Zombie, Sahagin, Goblin x2, Skeleton, Flan x2
Items: Potion x5, 9 gil, 33 gil, 27 gil, 38 gil, Tent, 3 gil, 29 gil, 63 gil, 92 gil, Eye Drops
Key Items: Ticket, King of Skipping Title
Moogles: Kupo, Stilzkin
Side Quests: Jump Rope Mini-Game
Shops: Not open

You start off controlling the Black Mage, Vivi. Enter the first house on the right. Run over to the bed and find savings of 9 gil. Then run over to the table in the right corner to get a potion. Climb up the ladder and go straight forward to receive a Fang Card. After this, you may talk to the older woman. After the conversation (or when you're done robbing her), you may leave.

Across from the house you just left, check the barrels on the left to find a Potion. Now that you're back on the street, start walking. A Rat Kid will run into you, knock you over and tell you to watch where you're going. Rats are so rude. Keep to the left side of the screen and you'll find a Potion in one of the carts. Head back south and inspect the buildings around the palace entrance. You'll find a Lizard Man Card, a Zombie Card, and a Sahagin Card.

Go back to the screen you started, and from there head north. Have Vivi run towards you and you'll find 33 gil. Then run left towards the little fat hippo to receive a Goblin Card. Enter the Tavern and run to the bottom right corner to find a potion, then run left to the storage closet to find 27 gil on the floor. Run around that table and to the barrel to find a Flan Card. It's amazing what people leave laying around, isn't it?

Leave the tavern and run left to the next screen, then from there enter the Items Shop. You will find 38 gil on the floor. Leave the Items Shop and head north to enter the Town Square, which ironically is quite circular. Go into the Weapons Shop on the right and head to the far right to receive an Ether.

Go to the Ticket Booth in the middle of the square and talk to the Ticket Master. He will give you a Goblin Card, a Fang Card, and a Skeleton Card.

You can play rope with the girls jumping rope and receive prizes at 20 jumps, 50 jumps, 100 jumps, 200 jumps, and 1000 jumps. (See Side Quests for more information.)

Run into the alley and a sign maker will just be finishing up. After he leaves, you'll meet the Rat Kid and become his slave. He'll steal the sign maker's ladder. Follow him, or if you'd like to learn more about cards, wait for Alleyway Jack to come into the alley. Don't just stand there, though. Either talk to him immediately or run away, because if you don't, he'll rob you.

Follow Puck (the Rat Kid, which I am officially tired of calling him) into a building. He'll tell you to go up a ladder but before you do that, check around the walls to receive a tent and a potion. When you're ready to go up the ladder, head over there and a moogle will fall on top of you. His name is Kupo. Moogles keep your records in their diaries. A little later on, Stilzkin will arrive.

Before continuing on, go back to the Item Shop and stock up on Potions. Try to have at least 20 in your inventory. Before going back into the steeple, head into the house just before it and look around to find Eye Drops and 3 gil. The 3 gil is upstairs, so you can only get it when the little girl, Ilia is out of the house.

From here, you can go back in the steeple and save your game again. Don't forget to ask Kupo about Mognet, so that you can help Mognet Central and know what the Moogles' takes are on situations.

When you're finished, climb up the ladder and talk to Puck. After he's walked to the first house, from there head left and across the second bridge, which will fall after you cross it. Head left then down, and left again towards the bowl looking thing. Examine it to receive 29 gil. Follow after Puck and he'll ask for your name. Before continuing, go down the set of steps ahead of you and across the bridge to get 63 gil. Head back up the steps, then north away from Puck. All the way at the end of of the roof, you will receive 92 gil from the pot.

Head back now and right across the set of bridges, then north to meet Puck. He'll set the ladder down finally so that you both can cross and sneak your way inside Alexandria Castle. After this, you'll view an FMV.

Inside The Castle

Estimated Time (to complete event): 32 minutes
Bosses: Zenero, Benero and King Leo; Steiner; Haagan, Weimar and Steiner; Steiner
Items: Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion
Notes: Items can be received from the crowd during the fight with Blank, but items vary depending on how many nobles are impressed.

After the FMV, the scenes will switch to the hit play, 'I Want To Be Your Canary'. Watch the drama unfold.

Boss Fight: Zenero, Benero and King Leo

This really isn't much of a fight. Don't bother using the 'SFX' (Special Effects, really), since it doesn't work half of the time, so it's pretty much a waste. Just attack Zenero and Benero once and they'll die (depending of course, on who attacks). After about one or two rounds from each character, the battle will be over.

Blank and Zidane get into a fight and you'll have to follow Blank's lead in pressing buttons. Take your time, but don't wait too long to press each button. It's really all a matter of hand-eye coordination. If you get it all right the first time, you should get at least 800 gil. You can do it again and get even more money, and maybe a couple of items too. I don't think you can impress more than 87 nobles out of the 100, and Queen Brahne, but you're welcome to try it.

You'll next find yourself inside the castle, where Blank and Zidane beat up two nameless Knights of Pluto, robbing them of their dignity and their clothes. Once in the main hallway, head straight up the steps and you'll run into a girl. Zidane and Blank will chase after her, and you'll see a cutscene.

Once you have control of Steiner, head right and into the room that Blank and Zidane came out of. There is a Moogle waiting there for you by the name of Mosh. He will save your game. When you're finished here head back out of the room.

Once you're in the hallway again, head up the steps just as before and go into the entrance that isn't being blocked by guards. Talk to Queen Brahne and she will give you a Silk Shirt. Leave and go back down the steps, then head towards the ugly painting you see on the wall (from the steps, it's to the left). Run outside to the garden. Head to the left then into the doorway, down the hallway and up the long stairway. Once you finally do reach the top, you'll see another scene and FMV.

Chase the Princess into the room that Ruby is in, and watch the short cutscene. Follow the path;-when Garnet stops, turn the engine wheel to the left and a box will fall on the level below. Open it for a Phoenix Down. Now turn the engine wheel to the right and another box will fall behind the engine. Open it for a Phoenix Pinion. Go into the room Cinna is standing by and you'll run into Steiner.

Fight: Steiner

Items to Steal: Leather Hat, Silk Shirt

Start off the battle by robbing Steiner of all his possessions, then attack like crazy. Don't let anyone in your party get below 50 HP.

Fight: Haagan, Weimar, and Steiner

Hit the knights of Pluto once each and they'll run away. Have Vivi focus his magic for about three turns then hit Steiner with everything he's got-if Marcus and Zidane haven't taken him out yet. You have a White Mage in the party right now, so if you need healing, have Garnet do it. Press R1 if you want to heal all of the party members at once. If no one needs to be healed then just have her attack. And again, don't bother using the SFX.

Boss Fight: Steiner

Use the same strategy that you did in the last fight, and you'll be done in a few minutes. When you finish the fight, there will be another FMV.

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