All chapter names are © Nobuo Uematsu, as they are all names from tracks of the Final Fantasy IX OST. The tracks that the chapters are named after are played sometime in the chapter, and so they are thusly named. The following is a list of chapters and when the tracks are played.

This walkthrough estimates actual story gameplay at about 20 hours. The rest of the time you'll spend doing sidequests and gaining levels. If you notice an event doesn't have a lot of instructions but takes a lot of time, it's cutscene heavy.

Disk One

  1. The Place I'll Return to Someday
  2. Crossing Those Hills
  3. A Face Unforgotten

Disk Two

  1. Grieve for the Skies
  2. Loss of Me
  3. Chapter III: Unfathomed Reminiscence

Disk Three

  1. Protecting My Devotion
  2. The Heart of Melting Magic
  3. You're Not Alone!

Disk Four

  1. Passing Sorrow
  2. Final Battle

Final Fantasy IX and all mentioned characters © SquareSoft 2000. Walkthrough written by Orion Artainia from 01.09.05-06.04.05; 11.17-12.17


SAVE OFTEN: You never know what's going to happen to your game, so save as often as you can.
Watch Your HP and MP: Pay attention to your characters' status. Heal after battles, even if you don't think it's necessary sometimes. You never know what could be lurking around any corner.
Gain Levels: A general recommendation is that you gain 20 levels per disk. The suggested levels have been updated taking into consideration a minimal amount of level grinding - about 30 minutes each time - as well as levels gained through normal game play.
Money, Money, Money: If you're gaining levels, you'll rack in a lot of GP. Try and save extra money for future weapons and items.
Stilzkin: Always buy from Stilzkin whenever he comes around. You may not need the items, but he needs the money. Plus I think you get something for it, so all the more reason.
Mognet: Follow along with the Moogles and their takes on situations. Check Mognet often, even if it's the same moogle, especially after a cutscene. Some moogles will have mail only after a cutscene.
Side Quests: Side quests are lucrative. This walkthrough assumes you'll participate by sometimes referencing side quest items. However, they're easily marked so you can skip over them if you wish.
Thievery = Happiness: Some items can only be found by stealing them while others you can steal early or buy them later on. This walkthrough refers to items under the assumption that you've stolen them. Take advantage of the five finger discount whenever possible.
Equipment: Get into the habit of equipping new items as soon as you get them when possible.

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